A real one who bought these eyeglasses

The one thing I’d like to see improved with these sunglasses will be the temple tips (the rubberized parts that that rest on the ears to provide more comfort). They tend to slide off, especially when attached to a neck strap. They lasted 7 a few months, which is great for me. I’m today buying my second set so I thought it was time to leave a review. ?

I emailed DUCO and they (Alex) shipped me away new ones the same day, cost-free. VERY impressed with their customer service! UPDATE #2 (3/16/2016): My severely autistic son decided to pull the nose pads out and the dog probably ate them. I contacted DUCO customer service and happily offered to pay for new ones. They would not acknowledge my payment and delivered another pair of free nasal area pads for me personally. In the 7 weeks I’ve had them they’ve been dropped once or twice, and like jelly toast just, they landed face down.

The lenses are a little more wide than tall, but they look fantastic. The frame is also fully steel with rubber end-pieces, very sturdy too. I’d not say these are glasses I would wear outside for yard-function, but these are definitely some informal or venturing out glasses. They look genuine slick and feel pretty good too. Also, the included hard case is even more useful than i thought initially immensely. I ride a motorcycle and so I stash these in my own backpack. Despite all the bumps, no damage has arrive to the glasses, not really much as a scratch.

Purchased these for my hubby who is usually misplacing his glasses. He asked for raybans but I couldn’t fathom spending the amount of money on them understanding he’d probably shed or break them within a couple of months. Ordered these on a whim and SO HAPPY with them. The packaging + quality is a lot more than what I expected for the purchase price even! Will be ordering from their website again definitely!

They are nice for the purchase price, mine certainly are a little uneven but not to the point where you can notice it while wearing. They came in super fast, and i saw some social people complaining about how exactly they pack it, mine emerged in a solid box, inside wrapped in heavy bubblewrap. They are great for the price, putting on them you can tell they’re not some super high quality but they are really nice, and look very nice.

I have a number of pairs of sunglasses & most cause some soreness after wearing for a couple hours. . . so once in a while I would search for a new pair to try it out. For the price paid, this was one of best in overall fulfillment for me personally. It looks quite fine, light yet durable, fit comfortably, and the shades are good with no glare virtually. With recent snow storm plus some bright sunlight was causing quite a bit of reflecting rays/glare but this pair did therefore well for me.

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