Cheap and Tough Wristwatches,Keeps time

Searching for a silver color watch that’s simple, easy to read dial and easy on the pocket lastly. This watch fits the description perfectly! The dial is big and simple enough that my 55 years old father can simply tell the time.It’s also not heavy compared to his previous seiko view.He said It’s as if not wearing a watch and he loves it!

That is a one-up on the G-Shock…the light in the Casio is inadequate dismally, my one major complaint with that watch.This one is supposed to be water-resistant, we will see.We are going to the islands for Christmas, and I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities to own it in the drinking water.I am not expecting a high-end diver’s watch by any means, but for splashing around in the pool, I expect it never to leak.

Beautiful watch with a big face.I love the facial skin isn’t chunky or heavy like many boyfriend style watches are. I always feel like i will break the real face when i’ve the chunkier design on, but this one is sleek and wonderful. I am completely enthusiastic about the rose gold.I have received many compliments on it.

The only problem that I see is that when looked at from an angle the view reports enough time as 88:88.Common among these types of watches is my understanding.It’s OK I can move my wrist just a little and see what period it is.It is rather large so may not be the best choice for someone little or with small limbs.I am quite ordinary in size and height(a man) and it functions and looks just fine on me.

Purchased for my hubby for Christmas.His Watches get pretty beat up through out the entire year thus we avoid exspensive and try to get durable. He loves that you can change the back light colours and that the buttons possess bump protectors on them.All in all great view for the price.Can update in six months about how it handles wear And tear.

Of these three watches, two are outstanding, and one is good if the person’s vision is sufficient still. I expect that will require us to set the right time if it will need changing for any reason.I’m offering Dad all three, although the first two in the list had been immediate hits.

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