Comfertable Sunglasses worthy of the purchase as yet

Very comfortable. I’ve a huge round face. Large head quite simply. The lense comforts the eyes and are very obvious. I like the fact the producer sent a little screwdriver for tightening and or adjustments. Flat on one side and phillips on the various other.

I acquired the thin black frames with the gold trim and I really like them. They are stylish and perform their job of protecting my eyes. One thing that was weird to me was they are simply like normal eyeglasses frame-wise, so they look kinda weird when you want them off your face and you rest them on your own head. So, I suggest just keeping the case that’s given to you and putting them in the case.

My first-time wearing them out these were taken by me off once obtaining inside. We went to my in-laws for a family group get and I remaining the case in the car together. The shades were placed on the arm of the sofa. They finished up on the cushions and got sat on (multiple times throughout the night). Eventually I came across them between the couch cushions and not damaged at all.

First of all, these are DARK. Be outdoors when they are worn by you. Other than that, they appear very well made and sturdy. They are a limited squeeze for my giant pumpkin mind but I trust that’s where the sturdiness of the metallic frame comes into play. The tiny screwdriver (adjustments?) and washing cloth certainly are a nice touch as may be the hard, indestructible-feeling case. It seems like a great deal, we shall see. Remember, I told you they were DARK. LOST THEM, BOUGHT ANOTHER PAIR.

I have several pairs of sunglasses and most cause some soreness after wearing for a couple hours. . . so once in a while I would search for a new pair to try it out. For the price paid, this was one of best in overall satisfaction for me. It looks quite good, light yet sturdy, fit comfortably, and the shades are good with practically no glare. With recent snow storm and some bright sunlight was causing quite a bit of reflecting rays/glare but this pair did so well for me.

I’ve these in the black and clear frames. They are super cute and they usually do not feel cheap at all. They feel like they’re with $150-200 (like the ray bans). The lenses quality is absolutely good too. They block sunlight unlike other cheap sunglasses with cheap lenses. Easily have to complain i’d say that i wish the frames were larger. They are built quite small therefore my encounter looks rounder and larger.

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