Gentle Womens Watches sale

Enough time is in a font that’s large enough for anyone with moderate eyesight to comprehend, and the watch tells us the date, time and full time of the week!The watch has other functions like Alarm Stopwatch and Timer, but I haven’t tested some of those modes out, so I won’t mention them here (still, it’s wonderful to know they’re available!).

The fitness tracker works really great.It’s kind of tricky initially to set up but has a large amount of functions that match bits and smart phones have.The device itself is extremely light which is nice and it’s size adjustable.It’s not too large so females can wear it and it not end up being too bulky.Charge it for awhile the first day so it’ll stay charged for a long time.

This is an excellent tracker, small but with full functions as I need.It also has Walk/Run/Bike modes for convenient selection. Heart rate measurement is close to my previous fitbit tracker also.The amazing thing may be the battery.I fully charged it and it’s really lasting for 10 times and still has maybe 40% left.You don’t need to use any wire to charge.

As other review have stated it does scratch kind of easily but who cares.It’s a good cheap watch which has two time settings, great for traveling.Stop alarm watching with snooze, even though it isn’t a very loud alarm and it all stops quickly by itself after beginning to beep, it still enables you to conscious the alarm went off.I just would say it’s not for waking a person up.Has a decent light but doesn’t stay on very long.I use this for my everyday view along with travel.Oh and it’s water resistant.I’ve put on it when getting very wet.I’ve by no means submerged it nonetheless it says it will be fine.

It has time, day of week, month, and time of month, stopwatch, alarm, and a signal for every top of the full hour. It does military and standard period.That’s about it.The rest on the watch face is a waste materials of LEDs, IMO.The LED color options for the back light were a surprised (red and purple?!).It’s still jogging on the same batteries after over a season.Gets wet frequently (don’t really go free diving, therefore i can’t tell you about how good it submerges) and continues to be fine.It actually works fast – I have to set it back every few weeks (I care about seconds, though).

Seriously considering buying another and removing the battery therefore i will have a back again up when I rip these band – I’m fairly physical and never had a wrist watch to die on me – I always break the bands after in regards to a year.Excellent design – definitely works for me!Night light, size, and form gives it an aesthetic appearance and overall it bodes very well for design.It generally does not look geeky and may blend well over the spectrum of casual, gown, workout, or other attire.

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