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I’d certainly recommend this hat to anyone who needs to wear sun or security glasses constantly. The only possible foible may be the adjustment clasp. It’s a friction hold design (not a buckle) and while it’s not horrible, it will have ‘slip’. In other words that if you correct it tight, it will slip to a more loose position but without becoming undone, or you losing the hat off your mind as it gives out.I found specifically where i wanted the hat personally, and locked it down with a little of stout tack stitching.

The hat is made from very nice material. Im no expert on what type of material it is but i know it’s good quality. When i acquired it first, i thought i looked like a train conductor because the sides puffed out just a little but that was set when i tightened the strap at the trunk. This hat makes you look like a badass. Like if some one said something rude, you’d be able to damage their jaw in a single puch. 10/10 would recommend

Much less dark green since it appears on my computer, but still goes with my dark green clothing. It is well made and suits well. The strap is certainly adjustable with a steel buckle that continues the strap duration in tact (no velcro). The quality of workmanship is excellent. I thought for the price it could not be that well-crafted, but was amazed and happy it really is a high quality hat. I have a low brow and this hat will not lie so low that it addresses my eyes as some hats perform. In addition, it stays in place so I need not keep rising it to see.

I own and have had a complete large amount of ball caps. I don’t wear sports activities related caps, except for some fishing and boating hats. Anyway, I have at the moment about 20 caps that I wear for every day use and more that I use for dirty jobs like painting.This hat is a keeper–quality, fit, comfort and style. I usually reserve it for outings such as camping or casual everyday use. I love it so much, I’ll buy more probably. Hand and hand, no other identical cap stacks up to it. I love to wear it with a U.S. flag pin or one of my old G.I. pins.

We am quite particular about the hats We wear (as I stop and think about it, most people are… I mean… you don’t just bypass shoving anything on your mind and contacting it a day time… do you?) which particular hat is merely comfortable and great. I bought it for a Work and Play hat where I would have to be capable to use it for long periods of time with full hearing enclosing hearing protection and headphones, and has quickly turned into a hat I wear all the right time because it is so light, comfortable, and good looking.

I was surprised pleasantly. Not only by the quality, but the item arrived prior to the estimated delivery timeline. I shall be buying another in a different color soon. In this full era of cheap foreign-made items, it is too common to become disappointed. That will not be the experience of anyone that orders one of these hats.

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