These polarized glasses are an awesome value

I’ve never been as satisfied with a purchase as I am with this. The pros are better than expected, and the cons are hardly worth taking the time to type out. Bought it at a reduced price, but definitely worth full price. I am honestly impressed by these sunglasses. even though I normally consider the added cases and such to be ‘throw-aways’, the provided case, cloth, baggie and screwdriver are pretty nice.

There is a minor little fit-and-finish issue at the arm joints. Paint rubs off the moment you open and close the arms a couple times. But that (so far) appears like it’ll only be a minor cosmetic issue, and even that, one that won’t be visible while you’re wearing the glasses (since it’s on the inside of the arms). Mechanically, they do seem to be quite solid. It wasn’t worth taking away a star.

As I was doing a review for another pair of glass that I just ordered, I thought I may just drop a line on this one as well. I have used these glass for about 1 year now and have sat on them a couple times, as I leave them in the car and sometimes drop them on the seat. Then I come back from the store or work and forget they are there and they get crushed. So far they have held up really well and they really help during morning drives and evening sunsets. As I mentioned, I ordered a second pair from Duco, just another model. I hope they hold up as well as these have.

Fits me very well, and clear enough. Just used it today I figured that a little dark – maybe 15-20% of the light was shielded, it is acceptable though. I hoped loss of light be less than 10%(that is not possible right?)For the price it cannot be beaten – I’d like give it 4. 5 star.

I had bought a similar pair when I was abroad and had to buy a new pair because mine had gotten scratched up. This one is much better than the one I bought in Italy and it frames my round face very nicely. The fact that they’re polarized is definitely a plus. Well worth purchasing these if you don’t want to spend on the Ray Ban Clubmaster’s version, and no one can spot the difference between them anyways!

However, I see some people have said that their sunglasses have broken after they open them and here is why! The sunglasses I got, when I took them out of the box, were very rigid. They didn’t want to open smoothly. DO NOT FORCE THEM OPEN IF YOURS ARE RIGID AS WELL. Heavens sake, just open ’em slow and put them on.

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